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Hello Everynyan ~
I’m back from the death! I hope you’ve not missed me XD
I’m sorry for not posting for so long. I had/have so much to do for the upcoming conventions and I worked the past weeks not only on all these preperations for it. I also created my first art book! And now I want to present it to you 🙂
You can order it now in my Etsy store:

If you’re wondering, it’s a limited edition of only 100 books. I put at first only 25 online, after my convention marathon ends (end of october) I’ll see if I’ll have more left and put it also in the store 🙂

I currently work also on my Manga anthology which includes manga short stories I drew. You can pre-order my short stories “All these stories” also in my Etsy store!

Thank you all for your patient and your support!!
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► Kevin MacLeod – White

► Twin Musicom – Lullabye
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