How to Draw the Figure from the Imagination – Part 1 – Fine Art-Tips.

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List of Materials:
Lead Holder (2mm leads), red. – See it here
HB 2mm leads. See them here:
Lead pointer – See it here:
Paper: Fabriano Ecological Drawing Pad, 8-1/4 X 11-3/4, white -. See it here:

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With this video I’ll teach you how to draw a figure from the imagination and the memory. I’ll show you how to do the basic structure of the boy in a simple and easy way, to draw a realistic person with movement. You’ll learn which basic bones are important to crate the physical structure and know how to apply gesture lines in order to imitate the movement of the body.

¡To draw a figure from the mind you should have a basic knowledge of anatomies in order to mimetic it!

Как нарисовать фигуру из воображения
Как нарисовать фигуру с ума
как нарисовать рисунок по памяти
Comment dessiner un personnage avec l’imagination
كيف ترسم جسم الانسان من خيالك
Come disegnare la figura umana a memoria
Come disegnare la figura umana dall’immaginazione
Eine Figur aus der Phantasie
Cum sa desenezi o figura din imaginatie
Як намалювати фігуру з уяви
Ինչպես նկարել մարդկային կերպար պատկերացումով, մաս 1
கற்பனையில் இருந்து உருவம் வரைவது எப்படி
Sådan tegner du en figur udfra din forstilling