28 DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE RECIPES || DIY Chocolate Decor Ideas, Desserts and Cakes


I love to make cakes for my friends and sometimes it’s not an easy job to decorate the cake and make something special. This time you will be able to learn how to decorate various desserts even if you don’t have cooking skills. Find out how to make chocolate butterflies, chocolate bowls and leaves!
I love the first idea! Make beautiful chocolate decorations using bubble wrap. Melt chocolate in the microwave. Place bubble wrap on a table and spread melted chocolate. Freeze and after that remove bubble wrap. The next tutorial will teach you to make lovely chocolate butterflies. Print a butterfly picture and place into the book, cover with wax paper and trace the pattern with melted chocolate. To give the butterflies a natural look, place the finished butterflies in an open book to set. You will love our easy step by step tutorial.
You can easily make cute chocolate leaves: cover mint leaves with melted chocolate and lets it cool. Remove the natural leave and your decoration is ready!
Make a chocolate bowl to serve ice-cream or you can decorate an ice-cream with it. Inflate a balloon and melt chocolate in a bowl. Place a balloon in melted chocolate, put out and let cool.

As a bonus, check out the recipes of super-delicious chocolate ice-cream!

00:58 Chocolate butterflies
04:51 Chocolate pops
06:40 Chocolate bowls
07:29 Homemade ice-cream cake

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