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Hi galaxy gang! Today I am sharing FIVE quick and easy holo nail art designs in one tutorial! I’m using lots of my collab shades as well as some regular gorgeous holographic polishes from Starrily. We’ve got striping tape nail art, glitter gradients, dotticures, and more! Which mani is your favorite?

Starrily base coat: https://www.starrily.com/products/stain-stopping-base-coat
Starrily top coat: https://www.starrily.com/collections/nail-treatments/products/antimatter
Striping tape: https://amzn.to/2H2MCYs *

Look 1 (checkerboard nail art):
Starrily Galaxy Gang: https://www.starrily.com/products/galaxy-gang
Starrily Stargazer: https://www.starrily.com/collections/all-collaborations/products/stargazer

Look 2 (v claw nail art):
Starrily Cosmic Voyage: https://www.starrily.com/collections/all-collaborations/products/cosmic-voyage
Starrily Norepinephrine: https://www.starrily.com/products/norepinephrine

Look 3 (glitter gradient):
Starrily Vantablack: https://www.starrily.com/products/vantablack
Starrily Luna: https://www.starrily.com/collections/all-collaborations/products/luna

Look 4 (polka dots):
Starrily Diamond Rain: https://www.starrily.com/collections/all-collaborations/products/diamond-rain
Starrily Magic Rainbow: https://www.starrily.com/products/magic-rainbow
Starrily Cat Eyes: https://www.starrily.com/products/cat-eyes

Look 5 (holo gradient):
Starrily Magic Rainbow: https://www.starrily.com/products/magic-rainbow
Starrily Cat Eyes: https://www.starrily.com/products/cat-eyes
Starrily Blue Rose: https://www.starrily.com/collections/toppicks/products/blue-rose

Hey! I’m Kelli Marissa and I am a nail polish lover! On my channel, you will see swatches from new nail polish collections, as well as beginner nail art that anyone can do at home. I also teach nail polish hacks like how to file your nails, how to dry your nail polish quickly, how to remove glitter nail polish, and how to make your manicure last longer! I have a new Makeup 101 series where I teach beginner makeup tricks like how to apply eyeshadow and how to wear colorful makeup, as well as show different eye makeup looks with drugstore and high end eyeshadow palettes. Make sure you subscribe to become a part of the Galaxy Gang! I usually post on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays 🙂

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LIQUID LATEX: http://amzn.to/2eMsESq *
MATTE TOP COAT: http://amzn.to/2yzmzoP *
Dotting Tools: http://amzn.to/2xqIRJo *
Striping Tape: http://go.magik.ly/r/kellimarissa/16342/ *

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