Long STILETTO blue and Teal Acrylic nail Design | Nail Mate

Hey guys!!! I loved creating this SUPER LONG set for you all! Im so glad to have finally edited the video for you all, I hope you enjoy iy.

Products use are available from https://glitterplanetuk.com

Products used are listed below:
Nail Mate easy tips in clear https://glitterplanetuk.com/products/easy-tips-clear-long-stiletto-nail-tips-500pcs
Flexi hand https://glitterplanetuk.com/products/flexi-training-hand-right-hand
Flexi nail tips (the replacement nail beds for the hand) https://glitterplanetuk.com/products/flexi-hand-realistic-nail-tips-500pcs
Crystal clear acrylic https://glitterplanetuk.com/products/crystal-clear-acrylic-45g
Perfect Pink Acrylic https://glitterplanetuk.com/products/perfect-pink-45g
Nail Mate Peacock green coloured acrylic
Nail Mate Mint Ninja Coloured Acrylic
Pixel loose glitter https://glitterplanetuk.com/products/pixel
SUPER GLOSS No wipe to coat
Medium smooth top ceramic e-file bit