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No Tools Nail Art | CUTE Halloween Nail Designs (Beginners)

Beginners, get a salon like manicure NOW! ** Check out this No Tools Nail Art – 5 Halloween Nail Designs for Beginners!

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5 tips:

1. The thumb: style: Sly spider web
let your eyeliner do its trick. The lines will not be entirely smooth if you use the eyeliner’s liquid as your color – and who said we dont love a smokey effect for halloween?!
(use toothpick )

2. The Index finger – style: freaky Frankenstein
Play with the eyes! this design uses only two colors – green and black. add a hint of white or red to his eyes to make the design pop!
(use toothpick and eyeliner )

3. the middle finger- Style: wicked Pumpkin
This pumpkin is feeling wicked. Let some mess happen when you create the smile. the more crooked your lines, the better!
(use toothpick and eyeliner )

4. ring finger – Style: Dripping blood.
No matter how thirsty you are for blood, don’t create more than 3-4 drops (busy nails are boring nails)
(use toothpick to create dots and join the tip)

5. Pinky finger – The mad ghost
This dude is floating away in madness. let his meaningless meandering show in the imperfect- wavy oval mouth, and two dead – but big round eyes!
(use toothpick for dots and ovals of all sizes)

Products used:

1. Tools: Toothpick + eyeliner
2. Colors: Black, red, white, acrylic paint ( Tip: always use paint for drawing on nails!)
3. nail polish: Base coat + top coat.
Also, green polish, orange polish, dark blue polish, white polish

This entire design is done using just dots and short lines! nail design literally can’t get any easier! Do we hear the beginners nod in agreement?!

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